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Cisco IMPACT 2022

Las Vegas 29 – 31 August 

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stand PS36 in the ShowCase…

Cisco Private 5G Provider

Be one of the first to introduce these new services to your clients and find future opportunity within your customer base. 

1 of 5 Cisco Gold Partners

As one of five Global Gold partners, we have partnered with Cisco for over 25 years to create outcome-led solutions for the digital era.

Highly Certified

With 100+ Cisco-certified Internetwork Experts and a range of global Cisco powered
solutions, Logicalis is trusted
around the world to deliver expertise clients can count on. 

Global Connectivity MSP partner

Logicalis is one of the leading Cisco partners providing Managed next generation connectivity including Managed SD-WAN and SASE, in addition to Managed Private 5G for Enterprise.

Environment Sustainability Specialisations

Working closely with Cisco, Logicalis can help your clients achieve their ESG outcomes. The commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025, means sustainability will be top of the agenda for Logicalis solutions and managed services.

Advanced CX Certified

Partner with Logicalis to deliver a repeatable recurring service model to your customers, using our proven blueprint of align-transform-scale. Lean on our high value, high touch model to deliver additional services to your clients

"Partnering with Logicalis will help you win by creating greater customer relevance, supporting lifecycle-based relationships, and driving predictable renewals. Our teams are on-site, and ready to meet and help you better understand the managed services opportunities for you and your customers."

Alexandra Zagury
VP, Partner Managed & as-a-Service Sales, GPO, Cisco.

By now, you’ve heard the stories about managed

services. So let’s cut to the chase.

Managed services help you hit your numbers, this year… next year… the year after that. Find out how…

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"SASE, 5G, IoT... these are all the future solutions that Cisco is placing big bets on. These are where the opportunities are... large enterprise companies are choosing to lean on managed service providers like Logicalis to get these services."

Dushyant Sukhija
Global Head of Cisco SASE Lighthouse Program
Global Partner Organisation

60 second pitch on why you should care about…

SASE Managed Service

How can IT leverage a simpler, more scalable method to securely connect users to the applications they need? Cisco produced its SASE solution But Logicalis wanted to go one step ahead … hear from Stefan Gutekunst how we did just that…

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Private 5G as a Service

Logicalis is co-developing the new private 5G offering so be one of the first to introduce these new services to your clients and find future opportunity within your customer base. Hear from Chris Calvert how you can deliver this to your customers.

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Global Lifecycle / CX

Together with Cisco, we have continued to develop our Global Lifecycle/CX practice, driving full attach and on-time renewals. Hear from Brad Davenport how to take advantage of this opportunity with your clients.

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"The important thing is to have a trusted seller… to have a partner who can talk about the whole portfolio and world of wireless, so that when your customers want to buy something they know they are getting the right thing."

Desmond O’Connor
Senior Business Development Manager, Cisco

Interviews with the Cisco team

A trusted P5G partner

Hear from Desmond O’Connor, Senior Business Development Manager at Cisco, how together we’re investing in Private 5G as a Service, that you can deliver to both end user clients and Service Providers as a white label service.

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Cisco big bets

Understand the future solutions that Cisco is placing big bets on, and learn from Dushyant Sukhija, Global Head of Cisco SASE Lighthouse Program, how Logicalis are supporting these initiatives with Managed Services.

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We can’t wait to meet you

We can’t wait to meet you at the Cisco IMPACT event!
Here is the team representing Logicalis, come find us at PS36 and let’s chat!

Chris Calvert

VP of Private Wireless Solutions, Logicalis US

Brad Davenport

VP Technical Architecture | Cybersecurity | Networking | Collaboration, Logicalis US

Stefan Gutekunst

COO, Logicalis Germany

Mike Stipe

VP Microsoft Practice – Logicalis US 

Renata Randi

Chief Marketing and Alliances Officer at Logicalis Latam

Richard Simmons

Group Technology
Strategist, Logicalis

Ben Walker

Senior Marketing
Manager, GTM 
Solutions, Logicalis

Success Stories and Solutions

Logicalis and Cisco Solutions

We combine our global presence with a local touch, bringing unrivaled knowledge of technology, business and industry to personalize solutions that meet our clients needs.

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Intelligent Connectivity

Intelligent Connectivity is a SD-Access, SD-WAN and SASE-based managed offering that delivers access and zero-trust security from edge-to-edge, with real-time insights into network, connectivity and application performance – all managed by a trusted expert. Watch our joint Cisco/Logicalis trailer to find out more

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Logicalis Australia helps AFCA reimagine traditional workspace

The Logicalis solution was built on Cisco and it covered everything from the front to the back door, including wireless access, switching, routing, firewalls and everything in between.
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Delivering ESG goals

Logicalis are proud to announce our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025. Find out how this will be achieved.

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Don’t worry we have you covered! Join one of our x3 interactive live streams where we will be on hand to answer your questions about our combined solutions.

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Together we have the skills, the solutions and the blueprint
to drive more success for your clients.

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